Aboout cPMigrate

cPMigrate is a software that provides the facility to migrate/transfer a cPanel account for your WHM Reseller account users hassle free.

It is now need of the hour to use cPMigrate for your cPanel server so that your Reseller can grab what they actually deserve. cPMigrate has taken all possible care of security measures.

  • Absolutely No root escalation possibility.
  • Zero compromise with security and integrity of root servers
  • Do you know, what makes us different in the software market ? Reliability assured that too for free.
  • cPMigrate will respect your CPU Load average.
  • cPMigrate will wait till CPU Load cools down. Migration is never a priority in case of high CPU load tweaks.
  • Monitor the migration logs to know how are your resellers doing.

Researches has proven high conversion possibilities in your hosting business if you use cPMigrate plugin.