Innovative cPanel plugins that takes your WHM/cPanel server to next level.

A Platform where you can explore cpanel plugins designed to improve efficiency, enhance security and save time. Find the cPanel tools/plugins that are necessary to enhance your web hosting experience.

About Us

We bring you the most advanced cpanel plugins all together in one platform to ease your workload. cPanel Plugin helps you focus on your business and save tremendous time by developing the most advanced level and easy to use plugins that are required in day-to-day basis. Plugins bundled here are free of cost.

Why choose cPanel Plugins as your Web Management tool?

  • 1. Simplifying complexity and saving time through automation for developers and system administrators.
  • 2. Easy-to-install cPanel plugins without any technical know-how
  • 3.All cPanel plugins are available at zero-cost
  • 4. Reduces the work load of the administrators.
  • 5. Reliability assured.
  • 6. 100% secure and ready-to-use plugins.
  • 7. Compatible with every Linux servers.
  • 8. A complete safe environment at no risk to your live websites.

Cpanel plugin is such a platform where you are provided with such advanced level plugins that system administrators can install on it on their server and provide it to their resellers. Our team is continuously working on developing new plugins and tools that can be used to ease down the work of system administrators and developers.

cpanel plugin includes everything you need to grow and enhance your hosting experience.

Transferring cpanel accounts from one location to another is no more a trouble. cPanelplugin has introduced cpmigrate plugin that makes it possible to transfer the files from a remote server to your hosting. A Reseller can now easily migrate their client's cpanel accounts from a remote location to local server without contacting their hosting provider.
We are working on an aim keeping in mind the needs of a WHM Reseller and reduce the burden from system administrators.